Back to School – Schoolbag Blessings

As the new School term starts, we pray for those working in nurseries, schools, colleges, or other educational places; and for students:

God of wisdom,
Give them joy as they start work for this school year;
Give them love for those they meet,
Give them hope for those whose future they affect,
Give them strength for each day
And the knowledge of your presence by their side.

By changing the words ‘them’ to ‘me’, ‘they’ to ‘I’ and  ‘their’ to ‘my’, the above prayer can be used by teaching professionals to pray for themselves.

If September brings some kind of new beginning for your family, such as a child starting nursery, school or moving up a class, it can be helpful to know that God is always with us wherever we go. There are some ideas in the article attached for Parents / Grandparents to ask for God’s Blessing on their Children/Grandchildren, and themselves.

Schoolbag-blessings  ‘Article taken from with permission.’