St George’s Service of Dedication, Friday 19th October

All are welcome to St George’s Service of Dedication at 4:30pm on Friday 19th October, with the Bishop of Worcester. Do please speak to Jan, Rosemarie or Lynn, if you have any queries. Booking has now closed for the Gala dinner occurring after the service.


This serves several purposes. It is surely a fitting way to mark a milestone in the life of St George’s. It will celebrate all the work that has been achieved, by the architect, contractors and a huge amount done by our own volunteers. What better way to do that than by worshipping together and then eating good food together. 

It will also demonstrate the wonderfully flexible use of the church building that is now possible. You may have seen photos of other churches and cathedrals being used in similar fashion, to very good effect. Along with concerts, children’s events and other things, this is one more opportunity to showcase what is possible now in St George’s.